AffiliateFix Forums : A forum moderated by a veteran hooligan T J Tutor.


hooliganˈhuːlɪɡ(ə)n/Submitnouna violent young troublemaker, typically one of a gang.

“a drunken hooligan”synonyms: hoodlum, thug, lout, delinquent, tearaway, vandal, ruffian, rowdy, troublemaker; More


To purposefully violate the terms of a forum or a community is a blatant blunder one could commit to get an immedate ban.But sharing a translated , freely downloadable, non english script is nothing but a small contribution to the community.

When someone calls you names and even goes on to say this ” You were not offering a landing page, you ware offering a tracker. A tracker you claimed you had stolen the script from a Russian an rewrote and then renamed.…