Top 10 Mobile CPA Tracking Solutions

Mobile CPA Tracking forms the backbone of any Mobile Campaign. Here today we list the top ten quality tracking solutions out in the market. All of the listed scripts are recommended for any Affiliate Marketer. I will be focusing only on Mobile and would recommend them for all Mobile Affiliates who promote offers like App Installs, PIN Submits, Sweepstakes or even APK downloads.

I simply highlighted the importance of Trackers in Mobile Campaigns when I wrote a brief tutorial about Voluum Tracker, now I give you the list of top Mobile CPA Tracking solutions in the market. Almost all of them are paid though.…

Creating a Universal Mobile CPA Campaign Lander

Literally speaking, every campaign you run need not have a seperate landing page, and you can learn some programming and test multivariates using a single landing page.
Today I’m going to show you how to program a single landing page, and with simple tricks you can make it accessible and applicable to multiple countries.
I have always been searching new things to learn, and this was the one small trick I learned while running an App Install Offer for around 60-70 countries.
I needed atleast 45 new landing pages to be created for that campaign and I was thinking of generating all my pages using a program, and then it flashed, why not let the users browser handle it instead of me generating or redirecting to lot of pages.…

Want to Develop Your Own Mobile Game?

Developing a mobile game is not a rocket science if you have a basic understanding of atleast one programming language like C++, Java or C# or even basic.

In My opinion all programming languages are very simple to learn given the proper syntax is followed.Every language has different syntax to follow but same functionality in the result. Same if-else conditions, same while loops, same for loops blah blah blah.

Now coming to mobile game development, one must not be worried in the beginning about graphics,type of game to develop or even marketing the game. Its pure learning purpose right??.

Any newbie should start with the basic understanding of the language they wants to learn and follow till the end until they complete the game.…

CPA Mobile Guild no-more in reign.

The Codejacks Mobile Guild is closed, and not accepting any more members.
Note: By the above statement, it doesn’t mean that subscription for the program is closed, but the program itself has gone free, and as a good gesture all my members are being refunded the full amount they paid.
Also all the posts that were member only are being made public.…

Codejacks Mobile CPA Marketing Guild

Although I have been into this affiliate marketing for as long as 4 years,  I had never considered myself experienced, due to the reason that there are better people out there who do this as a fulltime business, where as I  do as a hobby apart from my day job.

So  What is this GUILD ?

I felt very much embarrassed when I was surfing through the AffiliateFix forums that most of the people who get into this are bare foot soldiers, who doesn’t even know where to start. I thought anyway I’m not going to lose anything by just making them understand what I know or what I have learnt in these years to these people.…

Finally Cocos2d-3.0 for Mobile Game Development

Well I have not even developed a single game in Cocos2d-x Yet, but just started with Cocos2d-Js and wrote a book last month.

And now when I seriously thought of starting my Mobile Game Development with Cocos2d, they gave the world a good news, and thats the Fastest game engine for Multiplatform development, COcos2d-3.0.

Cool isn’t it??

As per the source, here are the features that xcels par the existing Cocos2d version.
With C++ users in mind

In cocos2d-x v3.0 Objective-C patterns have been completely replaced with C++ patterns.

Class names no longer have the CC prefix (since they are already part of the cocos2d namespace).…

Mobile Game Development Introspection.

When I look back nearly 18 months back when I started with mobile game development, I didnt even had any idea what it is, other than a laptop and a wornout HD2 burned with custom WP7 ROM.

I started with lot of unfound hype and committed few blunders along the way. I want to share the mistakes I committed so that anybody new to Indie game development should avoid those.

1. All Alone

I started alone with no support or no like minded people alongside me to appreciate my work, and day by day  I lost interest. But still again I used to spend lot of time in front of computer to again search for something that inspires me, and again and again I gathered some spirit to continue.…

Multiplatform Game Engines and sdk for Mobile Game Development

1. Edgelib : 2D and 3D middleware game engine, support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Mac, Linux, etc.-platform game development. Free.


2. Emo: mobile gaming framework that leverages the Squirrel scripting language, based on OpenGL ES and OpenAL / OpenSL iOS and Android game development.Open source, free of charge. 

3. Unreal Development Ki t: is the world’s most renowned authority broadest top game engine.Support for iOS and Android. Free version of Unreal Engine 3, does not contain the source code  . 

4. JMonkey Engine : a free open-source Java OpenGL-based engine, a scene graph-based, high-performance graphics API, the Java language is a graphics rendering engine.