Google’s First Click Free Program

Well it was all a Jolly ride for all rss feed autobloggers till now, and can’t say how many of the publishers are gonna charge for their valuable content now to keep safe from the prying eyes of autobloggers.Google is allowing publishers of paid content to limit the number of free news articles accessed by people using its Internet search

In an official blog post Josh Cohen,  senior business product manager of Google termed ‘publishers can limit users to viewing no more than five articles a day without registering or subscribing’.

May be it was meant only for media publishers, news companies or press releases doesn’t matter, whoever thinks that his or her blogs are being piggyjacked by the rss fed autobloggers can add a subscription service to their content and say ‘Hey you come once,twice,thrice,four times but the fifth time you come here, you are required to pay me for my content or else shoo away’.…