IPad : To Buy or Not To Buy

After my laptop went into drowsy mode, I have started thinking of a new laptop, but still in dilemma which one to buy since in India the option of buying laptops online is limited since most of the sites who make it available online does not look so professional.
For a moment I came across IPad, a new release from Apple as a buying option.
The technical specs of iPad as mentioned in the Apple’s main website are as below.

Apple iPad Technical Specs

* 1024×768 pixel resolution (132 px/inch – aka ppi) simultaneous
* 64GB flash memory
* 1GHz Apple A4 processor
* Wi-Fi (802.11 a, b, g, n)
* Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
* UMTS/HSDPA (2100, 850, 1900 MHz)
* GSM/EDGE (2100, 850, 1900, 900 MHz)
As I normally work on my other website developments I atlast have decided to wait for my favourite brand Asus or for the lovely Samsung R780 which I think will be available this march in stores in India or until it is available at my local store and also until my pocket is bulky enough to buy a good one.…

Following Web Trends in INDIA

Well lastweek I came across a blog which nicely explained the effect of being overloaded with Information and Information Overload.Actually Overloaded with Information and Information Overload are two diffferent things together to be clear.Analysing the fact about both I was confirmed that I was on Information Overload symptoms in my case of IM.

Forgetting those scenarios, I was actually trying to track the internet trends in India on a weekly basis since 2-3 weeks and found that how drastically the change happens from one week to another in India.For first week the trend was completely on the Karnataka Reddy Issue and soon after that the trends started growing strong towards prime minister’s visit to obama.Again this week since there is a commotion going on due to the CAT 2009 exam server failures,and lovely shetty’s wedding, all the news point a highrise in trend meter in those news.…