Developing Games for Multiple Platforms

As soon my game was published to Windows Phone Marketplace, my idea was to release the same game to Android and iphone. SO Immediately I picked up my keyboard to search for tools that help me to convert the fresh XNA piece of code to Android compatible code (Leaving aside iPhone as I dont have a Mac).

My Observations with respect to the tools available went on and on to find that its not only difficult to have a single code base for multiple platforms, but nearly impossible. I Tried out several tools like GameMaker studio, GameSalad, Corona SDK, Scirra COnstruct 2, HTML5 using directCanvas (appMobi), Appmobi HTML5 XDK .…

My First Windows Phone Game Online

For more than 3-4 months I have been working randomly on a game that includes my favorite character ‘Hanuman’ ( The Mythological Superman from Indian Mythology Ramayan). There were lot of hiccups in between due to various reasons, and one main reason was my worklife pressure.

When I started developing this game, I didnt knew the concept of XNA or even How to program a game,and after coming across various tutorials online at channel9 on msdn, I made myself free to learn XNA.

VEER ANJI – is the small game that depicts the travel adventure of Hanuman, where he has to travel across forests,mountains,deserts catching fruits, killing demons, acquiring new skills and weapons.…