Cocos2d-JS My First Book Published Online

I have been working on this book since  last 72 hours continuously and after 4 hours of scrutiny on document formatting, I was able to publish it online.

I managed to publish over to three markets

1. Kindle :   In Live Publishing Mode <– Get it At*Version*=1&*entries*=0

2. CreateSpace : Still Under Review

3. Smashwords : Already Available.

My Book can be purchased at Smashwords, and I double support those who want to buy on Smashwords, I will be soon removing from Amazon and Createspace due to their worst royalty features.

Anybody who wants to buy my book, and want a 50% discount can signup to my newsletter to get the Discount Coupon for Smashwords.…

A Book and a New Game Hand in Hand

I have started writing a book ” Cocos2d-JS Mobile Game Development on Steroids” along with lot of features I have planned to implement with my new game.

To Speak about the book,its all about how fast you can develop game as fast as 2 days to completely develop the game end to end in Cocos2d-JS/HTML5 and release it to the android market. I will be listing out step by step instructions on,

1. What tools and softwares are required

2. What needs to be configured

3. Where to get the graphics and backgrounds

4. How to create a prototype in just 1 hour.…

Developing Games for Multiple Platforms

As soon my game was published to Windows Phone Marketplace, my idea was to release the same game to Android and iphone. SO Immediately I picked up my keyboard to search for tools that help me to convert the fresh XNA piece of code to Android compatible code (Leaving aside iPhone as I dont have a Mac).

My Observations with respect to the tools available went on and on to find that its not only difficult to have a single code base for multiple platforms, but nearly impossible. I Tried out several tools like GameMaker studio, GameSalad, Corona SDK, Scirra COnstruct 2, HTML5 using directCanvas (appMobi), Appmobi HTML5 XDK .…

My First Windows Phone Game Online

For more than 3-4 months I have been working randomly on a game that includes my favorite character ‘Hanuman’ ( The Mythological Superman from Indian Mythology Ramayan). There were lot of hiccups in between due to various reasons, and one main reason was my worklife pressure.

When I started developing this game, I didnt knew the concept of XNA or even How to program a game,and after coming across various tutorials online at channel9 on msdn, I made myself free to learn XNA.

VEER ANJI – is the small game that depicts the travel adventure of Hanuman, where he has to travel across forests,mountains,deserts catching fruits, killing demons, acquiring new skills and weapons.…