Free Android Game Source Codes

Download Android Game Source Codes for free

Long time, I mean to say around 2-3 years back i was into mobile game development and had time to collect a lot of Android Game Source codes to learn the programming techniques involved.Although there are lot of Android Game Source codes free available for sale online, the free ones give good insight into a newbies  view of how game programming is done, by leaving lot of blank routines and incomplete game screens.

By studying the way the games have been programmed, one can learn and try to complete the game in order to make it a complete one.

Here I have added few of the games I collected , but please note first.…

AdWords Online Classroom :A Free Course

Today, I got a new email from google saying that its to introduce to the latest in training for AdWords advertisers – the AdWords Online Classroom.
It’s a free service providing on-demand training, delivered by AdWords experts. Whether one is new to AdWords and looking to learn the basics, or already know it well but want to take the account to the next level.
To fit with a busy schedule, Google kept the courses bite-size. Class starts with over a dozen short, video tutorials, including:
• Improve AdWords performance with key tips : Learn how to improve AdWords account, including tips on how to structure campaigns, manage keywords and write effective ad texts.…