5 New Premium WordPress Themes

Every Blogger’s dream is to have a unique and professional looking theme that draws the visitors attention.There are thousands of themes freely available on the web and also exclusive themes which are premium and  professional, but they cost at-least $20 bucks, which many of the bloggers do not think worthy.   For those who cannot afford to buy a theme or design a nice looking theme for their wordpress blog, here I have found you nice 5 themes you can download and use them closing your eyes.

1. Yearang WordPress Theme

Yearang Theme is a high quality portfolio wordpress theme comes packed with a featured content slider that suitable for Portfolio, Business and can also use for magazine websites, the latest WordPress 3.0 goodness, shortcodes, jQuery and much more.…

Facebook Campaigns : Figures speak

I don’t think there is any need for me to explain  how much I spent on these campaigns as these are the free credits I received from my hosting and some other site.

It was just a two day effort and about 4-6 hours of waiting for approval and without spending a dime on the ad, a small revenue shows off in my publisher account.

First : My Facebook Ad account that shows the exact spend and cost per click deemed by the ad space. There had been about 270k impressions and about 116 clicks that cost me around $44 of free credits.…

Campaign Update : CPC vs CPM

It was running fine until this morning. When I felt that the clicks coming are not enough, I made some changes to the
ads that I posted earlier.
The only changes that I remember that I made were, changing the targetting for the ad from english speaking to include all American users. Thus suddenly after an hour or so I got my ads disapproved.
Well although I had received only 3 clicks out of 31k impressions it was really fun to learn some importance of CPC over CPM type of traffic.

Till last night I was of the impression that CPM is better than CPC and is a safe bet.…

Magento Shareasale Affiliate feed Import

Sometime back when I was blogging on my Dreamzaffiliate.com blog, I had written an article how to load shareasale affiliate data feed into Magento shopping setup.
I was unable to share the code at that time . I want to share the code as well as scripts I developed as part of my experiments with Magento store.

Magento works on a Modular architecture with a clearly defined MVC model.Magento defines parsers,importers,models as seperate classes and the view loaders simply load once everything is loaded into the Mage core.

Shareasale data actually consists of the below columns in the datafeed files

‘UPC ‘

We can create a Parser,saveLoader, and a DataImporter so that the columns are parsed into an array of records in Magento saved as a Record and Imported into the database.…

Corporate Mailing Etiquettes

Well, it is obvious that in a professional environment while working with highly educated individuals, it makes sense to maintain a proper ethical etiquette
in writing mails to a colleague ,either a manager or a sub-ordinate.
To start with , I was trained in Neuro Linguistic program while I was working in  wipro technologies during 2002-03.Eventhough it was just for two days, it was more than enough for a fresh learning mind to imbibe the  qualities within. I had followed the best I learnt throughout and tried to spread the same knowledge during my last 6 years in my career.

During the mean time , I came across many Managers, sub-ordinates who are well educated but nearly lack the ethical qualities for communication.…