Income Update of My Book Published

I published the book ‘ Cocos2d-JS Mobile Game Development on Steroids: Learn How to Develop a Multiplatform Game in 2 days’  way back in 2014-October and its already been more than a year now. It was my first experiment with writing a technical asset and was really a wonderful experience.

I happened to come across a chinese site called and learnt to use a wonderful tool translating from chinese. It was really fun to use it in the first and then it struck to my mind why not publish a book and make hundreds of others to know how to use this tool and make games easier with drag and drop functionality.…

A Quick Update on My Ebook

I have been working hours together to implement the features I have planned alongside with documenting the same into my ebook whole day  yesterday, and woke up early as 5:30 AM to finish the book.

Its really wonderful when something keeps on waking you up from sleep to work on. I made it fast so that the book is complete with uptodate and simple methods to implement the functionalities in the game with all the features I have planned to implement in my game.

Now here is the TOC of the ebook I have written, which needs some review/scrutiny before I publish it.…