[IOS] [Game] Pizza Factory – Dont step on my Pizza

Well it had been more than 8 months since I released a game on Itunes, and it took a great amount of time for me since I was held up with my regular job. Also I was thinking of improving the downloads on my android games, which never worked out due to myself not liking my android games so much. SO again I shifted back my focus on to the IOS market to release a new game and happened to find a new one to play, that is trending high on app market.

The current PianoTiles game which is the renamed version of Don’t Step on White Tiles, is really a simple and challenging game to play and my new game Pizza Factory – Dont step on my Pizza really takes one step further.…

How to create a complete Don’t Tap the Black Tile game with Phaser

Few days back I redesigned the 2048 Game created using Phaser to show that we can modify it to cater to any format, any design or any sprite to be displayed.

Now I have come back with something new.Well There is a number one trending Game on Itunes . that is ‘ Dont Tap the Black’ game , which is driving installs like crazy.

So using Phaser, how to develop it?? I managed to utilize few minutes of my available time to code it in hurry, just to mock the flow of the tiles in the game.

Note that this only creates a flowing tilemap,where in randomly the alpha of the tile keeps on changing during the top down parallax flow.…