Finally Cocos2d-3.0 for Mobile Game Development

Well I have not even developed a single game in Cocos2d-x Yet, but just started with Cocos2d-Js and wrote a book last month.

And now when I seriously thought of starting my Mobile Game Development with Cocos2d, they gave the world a good news, and thats the Fastest game engine for Multiplatform development, COcos2d-3.0.

Cool isn’t it??

As per the source, here are the features that xcels par the existing Cocos2d version.
With C++ users in mind

In cocos2d-x v3.0 Objective-C patterns have been completely replaced with C++ patterns.

Class names no longer have the CC prefix (since they are already part of the cocos2d namespace).…

Mobile Game Development Introspection.

When I look back nearly 18 months back when I started with mobile game development, I didnt even had any idea what it is, other than a laptop and a wornout HD2 burned with custom WP7 ROM.

I started with lot of unfound hype and committed few blunders along the way. I want to share the mistakes I committed so that anybody new to Indie game development should avoid those.

1. All Alone

I started alone with no support or no like minded people alongside me to appreciate my work, and day by day  I lost interest. But still again I used to spend lot of time in front of computer to again search for something that inspires me, and again and again I gathered some spirit to continue.…

Multiplatform Game Engines and sdk for Mobile Game Development

1. Edgelib : 2D and 3D middleware game engine, support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Mac, Linux, etc.-platform game development. Free.


2. Emo: mobile gaming framework that leverages the Squirrel scripting language, based on OpenGL ES and OpenAL / OpenSL iOS and Android game development.Open source, free of charge. 

3. Unreal Development Ki t: is the world’s most renowned authority broadest top game engine.Support for iOS and Android. Free version of Unreal Engine 3, does not contain the source code  . 

4. JMonkey Engine : a free open-source Java OpenGL-based engine, a scene graph-based, high-performance graphics API, the Java language is a graphics rendering engine.