Affiliate Shopsite Script Shop-N-Jammie

Long back in early 2010 I had been working on a data-feed shopsite script called Shop-N-Jammie. I had mentioned in my datafeed plugin blog about the same several times too.But the reason was so childish that I had to stop developing or making the script downloadable to the Internet community.

As a matter of fact the guys at JCE-Tech have a script called Affiliate  Master using which anybody can create a affiliate shopsite in minutes with any type of datafeed.Let it be either of csv, piped, tab, or space  seperated files in the data, the scrit can load any type of data from the feed.…

Three Stooges of Affiliate Marketing

Oooh Laa laa! Happy New Year to all and myself. I celebrated the new year with a grand function with our Indian Models, TV Stars and Bollywood celebrities last night with a bang at Mumbai.You may not be astonished to know how did I do that sitting at Bangalore though?.

Coming to the topic, everybody in the field of Affiliate Marketing, or rather say in the venture to make money, rather forgets to understand what type of person actually he is before stepping into that. That’s why all Pro’s say learn yourself before learning anything. Yes! There are hundreds of ways to do affiliate marketing and I chose to emphasize on three of them.When people want to make money on Internet the first thing that easily captures them is blog-rss feeds-adwords-money criteria.But for some people they never do that since they want to do more technically adventurous and profitable, and those people look for PPC .…

Magento Shareasale script released

I had been busy working on my other scripts for a long time and could not focus on my other workarounds lying around without much appreciation.I would be happy if somebody appreciates my work and effort to make something more useful and more affordable.To make my scripts usable is to release it to the users who are waiting to download and make a good use of it.Hence I’m releasing my best plugin Magento-Shareasale-Datafeed plugin script free for my members.
Make yourself free to join my network and get the free copy of ‘Magepress’ (That’s what I call it).
You will get the script,templates,and tutorial how to create the Advanced Profile (Just copy paste) to load the shareasale datafeed into magento ecommerce setup.…

Being a Wealthy Affiliate Now

Its a known fact that there is not a single guy in my friends circle who is so spendthrift as me. I normally spend only if its required and most of my friends earlier used to call me ‘Conjoos’. Sorry for the term, but its slang which means ‘ A Person who’s scared to spend money’. Jokes apart, I have been into Internet marketing partially since an year without making a single penny.And as I told in my earlier post, I happened to purchase the subscription to Wealthy Affiliate.

At the first impression, I didn’t like the content what I saw since most of them is what I know in average.…

Hosting woos

I have been using a hosting account at Hostmonster since half an year to setup one of my domains and had been working on that
to implement all my ideas,plugins and samples on that hosting.But to my dismay, the servers are exhibiting weird behaviour by going off and on several times during
the daytime. I cannot either work on the plugins right now due to that and also need to desperately move my hosting to a stable one. But since the monthend and yearend,I can’t do that since I’m already empty on my
pockets too.
This month had been not much of advantage in terms of my work and work relationships.I happened to spend about $100 to some membership sites which proved not worth for me as I
am either working on the same thing or I know most of it.I do not have any Idea asof now for next coming days in the week, and hence will stop working on the plugins too since the servers seem to be behaving abnormally.…

A Fastrack Blog Tweaking

Although people may not seem my blog to be having any useful information they want, its my blog and my interest that matters. Last day after tweaking the plugin I could not work anymore due to some personal work. Just  a day per week holiday is not enough for an IT employee these days, as every one fakes being in recession and blackmails individuals that they will be sacked if not work for more hours.Normally its the words we listen everyday, no offence.I’m not happy with the content of my blog and also the look and feel. After checking my accounts yesterday even finalized that I can;t buy a theme which I really wanted, may be either of the One-Theme Fun or the Modthemes business.…

A Better Update on shareasale datafeed plugin

Its been a hectic week and a lot of hiccups in office.I couldn’t  get enough time to work on the shareasale datafeed plugin (speedfeedr) further.It was a working day unofficially though and I successfully finished all my work within the time available.And I really wanted to update the plugin since the feedback’s were really pointing to the performance and error handling failures in my plugin.

The amount of time the plugin runs is long and also it fails to load if the number of records are in thousands failing with the message “Timeout exceeded max allowed 30sec”.Whatever, I fixed it now.The better thing is now it loads the data even if the data is in hundreds , thousands or whatever.The only thing is you will not know that its loading the records from the file though.After the amount of time I have set in the plugin, it responds saying File Uploaded, and the plus point is in the backend, it keeps on inserting the records from the file until every record is inserted into wordpress tables.…

Shareasale 2 Magento

Since I have been working on my other storefront plugin for wordpress, I had stopped on the much waited Shareasale-2-Magento datafeeder script which I thought will work later.Now its time to send it rolling it free since I no longer work on it without any reviews or feedbacks.

Well its free for all my subscribers.…

Building Affiliate Store in-n-out of wordpress

Yikes Is building an affiliate store is as easy as cake ? If you think so then its totally wrong.  Now its time to provide you with a peep into my new Affiliate Store plugin Shop-N-Jam.Well I have been exploring various options of building a nice looking affiliate store using the readily available themes for wordpress, readily available plugins for loading affiliate network datafeeds and also banners and some other feeds.

But whatever you do , until you are satisfied with the look and feel of the site you build, you are not a winner.For a go I wanted to build a affiliate store for mobile phones to match with the look and feel of e2s shop, but nowhere near that.I may be good at programming, but when it comes to the listing of products and linking it to the affiliate URL, its really an art.…

Google’s First Click Free Program

Well it was all a Jolly ride for all rss feed autobloggers till now, and can’t say how many of the publishers are gonna charge for their valuable content now to keep safe from the prying eyes of autobloggers.Google is allowing publishers of paid content to limit the number of free news articles accessed by people using its Internet search

In an official blog post Josh Cohen,  senior business product manager of Google termed ‘publishers can limit users to viewing no more than five articles a day without registering or subscribing’.

May be it was meant only for media publishers, news companies or press releases doesn’t matter, whoever thinks that his or her blogs are being piggyjacked by the rss fed autobloggers can add a subscription service to their content and say ‘Hey you come once,twice,thrice,four times but the fifth time you come here, you are required to pay me for my content or else shoo away’.…