Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Myths

Why Do Affiliate Marketers Lie ?

We come across many affiliate marketers around internet who mention that ‘X’ offer is saturated, ‘Y’ Marketing will be sandboxed by google blah blah blah.But there is an additional parameter to the statements made by those marketers, that is ‘Affiliate Mind Control’.Yes one can control the hidden part of the brain by making negative statements on the interest shown by the subject.Sorry I’m not a doctor, but its the theory.

Myth 1 : WhiteHat marketing and Black Hat Marketing are different.

There is nothing specific marketing methods available to promote any offer or product.In my views, all marketing methods are unique in their own way and nothing is white or black.Normally people having lot of money n their pockets, and don’t have time or knowledge to sit for long hours doing link building,content creating or profile creating will employ or outsource the tasks to somebody.This they call it as Whitehat.But people having resources in hand,but not enough money to spend on tools or outsourcing definitely are gonna use some automation tools to achieve the same results.Since the tools perform faster than the outsourced person, its both called blackhat and illegal, which is rubbish.…