Free Android Game Source Codes

Download Android Game Source Codes for free

Long time, I mean to say around 2-3 years back i was into mobile game development and had time to collect a lot of Android Game Source codes to learn the programming techniques involved.Although there are lot of Android Game Source codes free available for sale online, the free ones give good insight into a newbies  view of how game programming is done, by leaving lot of blank routines and incomplete game screens.

By studying the way the games have been programmed, one can learn and try to complete the game in order to make it a complete one.

Here I have added few of the games I collected , but please note first.…

Cocos2d-X Universal Android Build Script

For godsake android developers are left in lurch to find out what the problem is when it comes to cocos2d-x, and even though people say few things here and there, nothing works finally and developers end up in dropping the source code in search of new way to develop the games.

One thing that comes to mind when we thing of android build is the Android.MK file that resides in the jni folder.

The problems we face as android cocos2d-x developers is that, we have to

1. Everytime a new game is created, it copies whole cocos2dx folder to the game folder, making it a huge burden.…

Free Android Game Source Codes

Android Game Source Codes

Free Android Game Source Codes for newbies who want to develop and learn how to create Android games. If You are looking for a free Flappy Bird Source code, or a 2048 game source code, you are at the right place.Well although I dont use them, I feel its helpful that I share the details about the few of the source codes for the well known puzzle games for available online, and kudos to the creators that they have made it publicly available Android Game Source Codes for the use of community, with the help of github.

1. Match 3 Source Code For Android

A developer from China, who blogs at has made available the OpenGL version of the Match-3 game source code at github.…

How to Promote Android App

This post is the replica of the one from , and I have replicated it here, because I tend to forget things, or keep tab of things soon.My thanks and apologies to the site owner.

The higher the number of installs/downloads for your app, the higher the position it will have in the google play store. So as the step 0, call all your friends and relatives with android phones, and ask them to download your app and leave a good review over there. No one wants to download an app with no reviews on it. So doing this will be a good start for your app.…

My 4th Android Game Live on Play : Chicki – The Jumping Chicken

I had a game source code lying around somewhere in my backup since 4-6 months, and I was so hasty to reskin it.

Suddenly made up my mind to give it a go and started working on the graphics few days back, and published it on my Sons Birthday (i.e 5th April).

The Chicken likes jumping and performing air stunts. You must prevent Chicken from falling down and help Chicken by putting any bar at screen bottom. Please try to make the pretty Chicken never falling in front of world!!!
Collect all the 1000 Golden Eggs in the City to become King Of Chickens
Download now to your device and enjoy the game everywhere.…