Mobile CPA Campaign Case Study Live with 6 Sexy Offers

Well as the title says, I planned to do a Open Campaign so that all the hungry sharks out there get their prey when they do search on google. By all means necessary anybody can take the offer, or similar offer that I’m promoting and run it on their own adnetwork.

Usually I am fedup with the people on all those forums,blogs proudly bragging about their earnings, looking down on newcomers, hiding their traffic sources, and those who make nasty comments, and I really hate those who just dont give out much details to the crowd, bluffing that it would increase the competiton.… Reopened :Qwikfront ON

My plugin development was on halt for long time with the idea of moving my site to new hosting, but that inturn stopped my development work on the two plugins Qwikfront and shop-n-jammie.Although with fear of breach of license I stopped working on shop-n-jammie completely,Qwikfront was really a good learning for me.I somehow managed to move my site to my home hosting, where I have hosted this blog.The hosting Justhost is really good with zero godown and fast servers.Although bandwidth is not an issue for me since I’m not so famous after all, it seems that I have reached my final hosting selection.…

Back to AM Square ONE

I was away from my lappy due to my office work as well as some marriage related work for nearly a month now.Just got hold of myself in these falling times.My mother suddenly fell ill due to tiredness and her Blood pressure raised making her lose consciousness yesterday.We took her to the hospital and the treatment has just started.
My domain purchases have been mocking at me that I have wasted so much of money in simply purchasing them.So I started with the new project with an old domain of mine which I had just forgotten.It happened that the site is already getting 3k uniques per month now without my knowledge and I thought that its right time to get it going into new heights.…

Being a Broadcast Blogger

Sometimes it becomes too much difficult to find enough time to simultaneously update blog,update status on facebook and twitter accounts and also writing articles over blogger accounts and even posting images and circulating video’s for your subscribers everything at a time.

There are so many ways to achieve it if there is enough time available amidst work-job timings.I normally start my day at 5:30 Am in the morning and by 7:30 I need to get ready and catch a bus to my office.I work for nearly 10-11 hours till night 8pm and when I reach home exhausted it will be 9:40 PM.Within the available time of 9:40PM to 7:30 AM I should sleep,relax, spend time with parents, do my personal work and alongside with that I need to work on my personal web projects and plugins and also do blog postings.…