A Short Life in Kolkata

After 4 months ,I suddenly regained my senses about my blog. In these 120 days I never looked back at my affiliate marketing tasks, ideas,websites,domains and all are rusting in their places now.Due to some commitments, I had to stop them in between which made me lose my ideas and thoughts about those sites as well.

Now since I reached Kolkata for a 14 week deputation from my company, I got some saved time to spend on them again.Still not sure how I’m gonna restart with zero mind and also the situation of my life in kolkata.

I happened to stay in one of the TQ booked by the traveldesk, which actually was a serviced apartment having 12 rooms altogether.The cooks and workers there were really co-operative and we could get hot food at whatever time we reached the TQ from office.The TQ was really nice less the cleanliness of the workers, which was not so important after all.…