Creating a Magento Affiliate Store : A Trial-Err

It had been 2 long weeks and 4 continuous days I have been working on my website to setup an affiliate shop using Magento and my own customized theme to suit my needs.

I had put lot of effort in developing the site,customizing the theme,recoding the entire SASMagento affiliate datafeed loader to load the data from shareasale txt file to the magento site.

I thought that I can easily setup and forget and everything works fine as times passes on, but in the first day of going live itself the site bombed, agree that it was my mistake setting up the SEO rewrite server URL’s for the site to true, but I never expected the site to bomb completely and go haywire.…

189 RPC Ping links for WordPress

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Finally A Magento Shareasale Datafeed ! download now :-)

Magento is a sophisticated ecommerce shop script which provides an opensource library to override any inner configuration to create a online shop.

I have been working  on one of my affiliate shop setups and always was confused to choose a best script to load all my shareasale affiliate datafeed files, but one or theother problems cropped up.

There are both advantages and disadvantages involved in a shop setup.Wordpress provides nice script cofigurable but there are not good ecommerce themes available readily configured and also no free datafeeder scripts available for shareasale.Magento provides a complex package which is nearly difficult to understand for a layman , but there are nice shop themes available which can be modified but with a little difficulty too.…

Unique WordPress Theme

Have been working on  my next psd2html  project “HolyPillow”,another Premium PSD template from PSDthemes. Its really fun to design html templates from PSD .Actually I was reluctant to sit and code for a long time due to the frustation engulfed within because of the office work.

Everytime I setup my blog, I have been searching for a new theme unique to my blog. I had even tried ripping some better designs but again cursed myself doing that.

There are good designs as that of tylers,chows and ian’s and also coop’s too. Its all in the mindset that since they are successful people we think that theirblog designs are better than ours, but may be not.…

Magento Shareasale Affiliate feed Import

Sometime back when I was blogging on my blog, I had written an article how to load shareasale affiliate data feed into Magento shopping setup.
I was unable to share the code at that time . I want to share the code as well as scripts I developed as part of my experiments with Magento store.

Magento works on a Modular architecture with a clearly defined MVC model.Magento defines parsers,importers,models as seperate classes and the view loaders simply load once everything is loaded into the Mage core.

Shareasale data actually consists of the below columns in the datafeed files

‘UPC ‘

We can create a Parser,saveLoader, and a DataImporter so that the columns are parsed into an array of records in Magento saved as a Record and Imported into the database.…

Corporate Mailing Etiquettes

Well, it is obvious that in a professional environment while working with highly educated individuals, it makes sense to maintain a proper ethical etiquette
in writing mails to a colleague ,either a manager or a sub-ordinate.
To start with , I was trained in Neuro Linguistic program while I was working in  wipro technologies during 2002-03.Eventhough it was just for two days, it was more than enough for a fresh learning mind to imbibe the  qualities within. I had followed the best I learnt throughout and tried to spread the same knowledge during my last 6 years in my career.

During the mean time , I came across many Managers, sub-ordinates who are well educated but nearly lack the ethical qualities for communication.…