Basic Understanding

So either you are here to learn Mobile CPA Marketing or here with intention to find more resources freely available on internet to make money using Mobile with CPA Affiliate marketing.

Mobile CPA is lucrative as any other affiliate marketing business and its still in the budding stages as many of the branches are yet to be discovered by professional marketers. Mobile CPA marketing is the best way to multiply your current affiliate marketing earnings, if you are already well experienced with various other marketing techniques.

The basic necessities of Mobile CPA marketing are

  1. VPS Hosting – To host your landing pages, banners and creatives.
  2. Analytics and Tracking – To perfectly track, control the flow of user to proper channels.
  3. Creative knowledge – To come up with eye catching phrases and ideas to attract users.
  4. Affiliate Network Account – Not to ignore a good affiliate network account with lot of mobile offers to run.
  5. Good Rapport with the Network Manager. – To make him pay you weekly of course.


Ok we have now a good basic understanding of what is required, but where to find them?? This may be one silly question for you but not for thousands out there who have not yet started their first campaign yet in their entire lifetime.

I have been into Affiliate marketing following the blogs from those days of John Chow, TylerCruz,Ian Fernando. Mr Green, Nicky Cakes blah blah blah  wow so many to list .

Well here are few of the useful resources I seem to be involved with and I recommend if anybody is interested with.

I have blogged recently I would be sharing all the insider info (I mean all the resources I have been using for my campaigns till now) with the public and abide by that.

VPS for landing pages.

VPS Server is very important for 2 reasons, one to host your own creatives and second to ensure the creatives are loaded very fast as internet bandwidth over mobile networks are very important to end users.

I have been using InterServer VPS for my all creative hosting and delivery since first day and they have a really high quality support system in place who respond within hours and even resolve all the issues within limited amount of time.

But for my other requirements such as hosting CPA landing pages for desktop campaigns and gaming campaigns, I have been using ChunkHost VPS which is very cheap and affordable, and provides highly efficient backup and selectable OS daemons.I recommend most for anybody who want to setup a CHEAP and AFFORDABLE VPS. This supports Centos,Ubuntu,Debian  os, and its as cheap as $5 per month.



Analytics and  Tracking Software 

First and foremost thing any affiliate marketer should get knowledgeable with is a good tracking script. And I have been using Voluum for all my mobile campaigns till now and I recommend the same to anyone starting new with mobile.

If you are a pro, and are already using iMobitrax or Thrive, better stick to them, as changing from one tracker to other would require a better understanding of systems.

2. Afffiliate Networks :

To be honest I’m not affiliated with 100 networks out there, and never tend to signup with so many networks often, unless I find it really interesting or some blog gives indepth knowledge of the offers and kind of people. I am affiliated with the below networks which I recommend to anyone.

Earlier I’ve been associated with lot of affiliate networks as a premium media marketer, such as Applift, KissmyAds, Clickdealer etc, but since I moved to UK on an assignment, due to busy schedule I’m not keeping up with my affiliate accounts, hence they have closed my accounts.I thank them for the money I earned from them though. The onlynetwork still my account is open is with glispa, which is a no childs network.

A. GLISPA – Well I will not write more about this network as this is not for newbies, but I like this network verymuch.