Mobile CPA Marketing is on boom now and as an affiliate marketer you should be running marketing campaigns on mobile today, else you are really on the wrong side of marketing.

There are hundreds of sites offering you tutorials,guides, ebooks on how to do mobile cpa, with titles like

  • Make $1,000 IN 10 DAYS With Mobile Marketing!
  • Step by Step Video Tutorials How to Make $4,400 Per Month With Mobile Marketing.

But I guarantee you that those type of earnings is not possible just by reading books or viewing video tutorials, and it requires lot of dedication and effort to reach that stage, and the people who have reached that stage harder seldom share their resources or never write guides and sell them.

I too have been in this market for more than 8 years now (since 2008), but never bought a single pdf ebook or course.

The only good thing I did was join DOJO, STM,APB, where all the Affiliate Network Managers, Affiliates and Media specialists get together to discuss and share things.

If you really want to get things that matter, I would demand you to join  MOBILECPAGUILD.


So what is this Mobile CPA Guild?

I created this guild to make sure that the newcomers to affiliate marketing get an easy hold of mobile cpa marketing, and to share my resources, techniques and tools with the community that I have been using since these years.

I have utilized various tools,scripts,sites and networks to run my campaigns for so long, and my interests are fading with Mobile CPA. But the interesting part is I’m getting more focussed towards my goals and my ventures rather than pesky timepass cpa marketing.

I won’t say those who do CPA marketing do timepass, but for me it started as a hobby and I have learnt a lot.

So If you too want to get the insider knowledge,tools and resources, you should first join the guild.

Join MobileCPAGuild Now