Free Android Game Source Codes

Download Android Game Source Codes for free

Long time, I mean to say around 2-3 years back i was into mobile game development and had time to collect a lot of Android Game Source codes to learn the programming techniques involved.Although there are lot of Android Game Source codes free available for sale online, the free ones give good insight into a newbies  view of how game programming is done, by leaving lot of blank routines and incomplete game screens.

By studying the way the games have been programmed, one can learn and try to complete the game in order to make it a complete one.

Here I have added few of the games I collected , but please note first.…

Income Update of My Book Published

I published the book ‘ Cocos2d-JS Mobile Game Development on Steroids: Learn How to Develop a Multiplatform Game in 2 days’  way back in 2014-October and its already been more than a year now. It was my first experiment with writing a technical asset and was really a wonderful experience.

I happened to come across a chinese site called and learnt to use a wonderful tool translating from chinese. It was really fun to use it in the first and then it struck to my mind why not publish a book and make hundreds of others to know how to use this tool and make games easier with drag and drop functionality.…

Want to Develop Your Own Mobile Game?

Developing a mobile game is not a rocket science if you have a basic understanding of atleast one programming language like C++, Java or C# or even basic.

In My opinion all programming languages are very simple to learn given the proper syntax is followed.Every language has different syntax to follow but same functionality in the result. Same if-else conditions, same while loops, same for loops blah blah blah.

Now coming to mobile game development, one must not be worried in the beginning about graphics,type of game to develop or even marketing the game. Its pure learning purpose right??.

Any newbie should start with the basic understanding of the language they wants to learn and follow till the end until they complete the game.…

Selecting Mobile Offers to Promote Part 2

In My Premium Post  “How to select Mobile AppInstall Offers to Promote??”  I had mentioned what type of App Install offers to select and how to analyse them.

Note that each and every persons intuition says different when selecting a Affiliate Offer for promoting. I derive my ideas on basis of two well said quotes I learnt from one of the blogs (Sorry I don’t remember).

1. High paying offers with low volume traffic.

2. Low paying offers with high volume traffic.

So whichever Offers I pick always follows the first idea outlined.…

Codejacks Mobile CPA Marketing Guild

Although I have been into this affiliate marketing for as long as 4 years,  I had never considered myself experienced, due to the reason that there are better people out there who do this as a fulltime business, where as I  do as a hobby apart from my day job.

So  What is this GUILD ?

I felt very much embarrassed when I was surfing through the AffiliateFix forums that most of the people who get into this are bare foot soldiers, who doesn’t even know where to start. I thought anyway I’m not going to lose anything by just making them understand what I know or what I have learnt in these years to these people.…

Free Android Game Source Codes

Source Code For the Game in My Book

To All the people who purchased the ebook on Amazon or smashwords or createspace or anywhere, have been asking me the source code of the game. When I had published the book, my game was not completely built and also the issue of not finding a method to share the source code to my book readers was bugging me.

So I had not put any link in the book or even on my blog. Its already more than a quarter that I published my ebook and I’m happy to see that still there are people who download my book by purchasing.…

Cocos2d-X Universal Android Build Script

For godsake android developers are left in lurch to find out what the problem is when it comes to cocos2d-x, and even though people say few things here and there, nothing works finally and developers end up in dropping the source code in search of new way to develop the games.

One thing that comes to mind when we thing of android build is the Android.MK file that resides in the jni folder.

The problems we face as android cocos2d-x developers is that, we have to

1. Everytime a new game is created, it copies whole cocos2dx folder to the game folder, making it a huge burden.…

App Portfolio Sale.

Well for a long time I was thinking to stop game development for a period, and take up the regular job seriously and put some more efforts into my regular job.
So I put up my entire portfolio of IOS apps on Apptoipa for sale at just $1499.

All my below apps/games are for sale under one single sale deed.


  • 1. Pizza Factory – Dont step on my Pizza
  • 2. Greedy Mouse Escape from Kitchen
  • 3. Sloticious
  • 4. AlphaSlots 777: FREE Slot Machine HD
  • 5. Fly 2 America


Well I had few plans to sell of each game seperately, but it would be a waste of my time as I’m getting serious about my day job, and being an entrepreneur requires a lot of dedicated time, and being alone its not as easy as I thought.

Codejacks touches 100th Post : A Giveaway in Plan

I wonder how long I have been into blogging, and this being my 100th Post, I wanted to give away something to the community.

I remember when I started with, it was purely with the intention of making money type of blog, which never took off, but I blogged a lot on that site, most of them were my wordpress plugin development logs and some datafeed plugins I developed.

I had even set up a site called, which was one time a competitor for datafeedr, with 3 plugins Sharepress, ShopperJammie, and MagePress.

Although I only released one of the plugins, I shared the other two to the community before closing down that site.…

[IOS] [Game] Pizza Factory – Dont step on my Pizza

Well it had been more than 8 months since I released a game on Itunes, and it took a great amount of time for me since I was held up with my regular job. Also I was thinking of improving the downloads on my android games, which never worked out due to myself not liking my android games so much. SO again I shifted back my focus on to the IOS market to release a new game and happened to find a new one to play, that is trending high on app market.

The current PianoTiles game which is the renamed version of Don’t Step on White Tiles, is really a simple and challenging game to play and my new game Pizza Factory – Dont step on my Pizza really takes one step further.…