Fixing Permalinks After Migration of Your WordPress.

Just successfully migrated my Codejacks blog to my  VPN running on 2GB RAM and SSD storage. Although it may not be as fast or famous as other VPN’s such as Linode,blah blah whatever, but I have been successfuly running my campaigns,tracker on this VPN for so long that I need to look through the invoice logs to check when I really opened an account with them.

This post is basically for those who face problem similar to mine, that after migrating the blog to another host or server, face the issue that plugins not working, permalinks not working etc etc.

Here are the few steps that need to be follwed to fix it, that I did to fix mine.…

Conversion Statistics for an Iphone Campaign

I have been running a ad campaign for  ElloInc  and the payout is usually high for that offer as I bargained a lot with the offer payouts when discussing the payments.So It is a must and should that my campaign should perform well with the ads and should have atleast a CTR of 10% for each ad created as per my app-campaign strategy.

I have been observing the campaign day and night to achieve the campaign and found that the IOS versions are playing an Important role in the campaign.

Most of my ad clickers are from the latest OS versions of IOS.…

Optimizing Mobile CPA Offers within Avazu DSP

I setup the 6 Sexy offers just yesterday with Avazu and now I have enough data to optimize the traffic for bigger conversions, thats what everyone thinks, but its not the case. First and foremost thing when you setup campaign is to setup your tracker perfectly, else all your efforts go in vain and you will be in dark. It applies not only for mobile but also web and desktop cpa offers. In my history I had never tried setting up tracker when I was doing web/desktop offers, and I never succeeded, and eventually always whenever I earned some money I turned towards Forex trading to make my money back.…

How to Promote Android App

This post is the replica of the one from , and I have replicated it here, because I tend to forget things, or keep tab of things soon.My thanks and apologies to the site owner.

The higher the number of installs/downloads for your app, the higher the position it will have in the google play store. So as the step 0, call all your friends and relatives with android phones, and ask them to download your app and leave a good review over there. No one wants to download an app with no reviews on it. So doing this will be a good start for your app.…

New Game Ideas Around Flappy Bird

Holy Crap that there are already 400-600 Odd Game rip off of the original Flappy bird game, but dont know why I didnt happen to do the same rip of my own.However I often get ideas around the existing games like Flappy Bird, angry birds, papa pear, candy crush while I am travelling, or while sleeping of when I’m in Loo.

Take it granted that my ideas wont make it to the top nor its not the idea that nobody has thought about, but still idea is what that should keep flowing in a developers mind to keep his spirits up.…

How to create a complete HTML5 2048 game with Phaser

Note : This Post is the just an extension for the article from the blog I follow, emanueleferonato. But there is a catch which I have added that is important.


In the blog, he says, “It’s very easy to create tweens and animations, so here what you are about to create:” Blah Blah Blah.

Instead of teaching the game development using Phaser, Emanuel has provided the full source code to create the 2048 Game on his blog.

I was actually looking for the game mechanics details since I thought I too can develop html5 games using Phaser. I was a bit dissappointed but was happy to get the complete source code there.…

Cocos2d-x Easy Setup to Run Android Games on Windows with Eclipse

I recently started with cpp programming for Android games and found that my Hackintosh is too slow since the graphics memory allotted by the OS is just 128MB , dont know why.

Hence I could not work on cpp stuff on Mac, but still my Windows OS is running fine.

So I tried setting up Cocos2d-x on Windows with eclipse and followed upto the end all the instructions and got stuck on one error

”bash’ program not found in path.

Ok Here is what to do to setup completely cpp programming with cocos2d-x on eclipse in WIndows machine.

1. Open Computer Advanced Properties.…

Rational Rose Generate Class Diagram Report

SoDA is Rational Software’s document generation tool. It provides automated document generation with the ability to integrate Rose model diagrams, requirements, code, and text in the same document. But the main problem was the dll file that is provided with the tool installation which did not support Office 2k and Xp versions those days.

As I wrote the Data Model Report generation script, this was my new script in 2004 that paved a way for me to learn and master Rational Rose scripting and to generate Architecture,Class Diagram,Sequence Diagram reports easily from within Rational Rose without the need of Rational SODA report generator tool.…

Rational Rose Generate Data Model Report

Well I was looking in my mail box to cleanup my old mails and suddenly found this old script that I wrote a decade back.

To give a brief background on this. Rose Data Modeler features allow the database designer and the software developer to communicate requirements using the same tool. As a database designer or developer, you can use Rose Data Modeler to model and design databases, and to integrate your application and database.You can model and design a database using an object model transformed to a data model or by reverse engineering an existing database schema or DDL script to create a data model.…