How to Run Incentive App Campaigns successfully.

Lot of Incentive Apps are available to promote in Incentive networks such as Cpagrip, Cpalead, Cpaway, Brusmedia,, Adscendmedia,Adgatemedia and so on.
Most of the affiliates choose to run those incentive campaigns either with youtube or instagram.
Lot of affiliates have found success in running those offers with youtube, but it may not be always worthy
and profitable with YouTube since the advertising policies keep changing often and there are possibilities that
your video may be removed or banned or brought down by the youtube for breaching the policies.

One of the successful way to run Incentives is to run them through Offerwalls by rebrokering them or to create
ones own offer-wall app and promote them.

1, Running by Rebrokering.

Although I mentioned Rebrokering as one of the campaign strategy, I do not support it as there are lot of cons involved in running the offers.
a. Networks does not like affiliates rebrokering the offers.
b. With very low payouts on the incentive offers, its very difficult to come to a bargain with rebrokering networks.
c. Rebrokering networks need to be paid with prepayment to run the offers.

2. Running our own Offerwall apps on google play.

This is one of the models in which we end up setting up a small infrastructure to run the incentive offers. We have to create a backend infrastructure to cater to the list of offers and postback handling, along with a frontend getpaidto type of app that is promoted to the world via google play or itunes.Normally Itunes doesn’t support this type of apps though. But Google play has thousands of get paid to type of apps available. With the never ending flow of such apps, its very easy to promote by even running a burst with app download networks. Once the app is downloaded, the users would definitely use it since its a money maker app, and we end up making money.
Speaking the cost of it, there is a cost involved for setting up all the infrastructure, but its more worthy than the youtube model which is a bit taddy in my opinion. I don’t like the Youtube model simply for two reasons.
a. I dont have time to create video’s , upload them, on youtube.
b. I dont like to create pranky generate coins, hack game type of landing pages for each offer as i would like to go mass.