Top 7 cash generating scripts for your Landing Page

What are Cash Generating Scripts ?

Cash generating scripts are the fragments of code placed in your landing page that increases the visibility,monetary value and targeting goal of the offer. Below are the important 7 scripts that we have used in our landing pages earlier to generate high roi and ctr for our offers.

1. Popup Script.

Creating a popup alert using a piece of JavaScript will trigger a popup modal or window in you landing page when it loads.

  alert("Hi I'm your popup");

2. Audio Script.

When the page loads, some landing pages need to trigger a danger/warning audio e.g for Antivirus Page.

<script src=""></script>
 <audio controls autoplay> 
<source src="alert.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">


3. Vibrate Screen Script.

When a message is recieved or when a popup is triggered, sometimes it needs extra effect to vibrate the mobile screen.Note that this works only in mobiles not on desktops. LOL if you want your desktop to vibrate add viagra script for that.

function startVibrate(){
function stopVibrate() {


4. Popunder Script.

Creating a popunder script is a 2 stage process. First you should create a function that calls the new page in a new window, and loads the cash page in the same window, and second that highlights or brings the new page in front.

<a onclick="createPopUnder();" href="" target="_blank" >OpenLink</a>
<script >  
function createPopUnder() { 
    offerurl = "";
    document.location.href=offerurl;"", "_blank"); 
    return false;
} </script>


5. Date Display Script.

Creating a date display using a piece of Javascript will create some urgency  in your landing page when it loads.  You need to create a empty <div id=”date”></div> in the place when you want to display the date.


var d = new Date();

var month = d.getMonth()+1;
var date = d.getDate()+"."+month+"."+d.getFullYear();
document.getElementById('date').innerHTML = date;


6. Back Button Loading Script.

When a user clicks the back button in a a normal browser window, it loads the previously loaded page. By spoofing the browser to think that the previous page was a offer page from your offer will keep the page loading the offer page instead of the actual history page. Its a simple script to hijack the history button.

  window.history.pushState('', 'Other Offer Page', '');;
<script type="text/javascript">
 window.addEventListener("popstate", function(e) {
    if(document.URL.indexOf("otheroffer") !=-1){
    document.location.href = document.location;


7. Countdown timer script.

Creating a countdown will always create urgency of loading different page or expiry of the offer. One can simply download countdown script from and use it as below.

countdown(start, end, units, max).toString();