AffiliateFix Forums : A forum moderated by a veteran hooligan T J Tutor.


hooliganˈhuːlɪɡ(ə)n/Submitnouna violent young troublemaker, typically one of a gang.

“a drunken hooligan”synonyms: hoodlum, thug, lout, delinquent, tearaway, vandal, ruffian, rowdy, troublemaker; More


To purposefully violate the terms of a forum or a community is a blatant blunder one could commit to get an immedate ban.But sharing a translated , freely downloadable, non english script is nothing but a small contribution to the community.

When someone calls you names and even goes on to say this ” You were not offering a landing page, you ware offering a tracker. A tracker you claimed you had stolen the script from a Russian an rewrote and then renamed. You were offering it to the members.”.

This is most funny and ridiculous for being a Moderator or a Super Moderator of a paid community.I would say If I’m paying you , then you should have a decent amount of respect to the amount you took from me, not blame me for something I’m not.

If one considers that the forum is his fathers property,and starts naming and blaming a member for the helpful nature, then its called hooliganism.

I would outrightly say that the Moderator of Mr Oliver Kenyon’s ‘AFFILIATEFIX’ forum Mr T.J Tutor is a hooligan.
I would not have termed him a hooligan if he hasn’t termed me as a thief, where is the idea of stealing a script come from first of all? If I am a thief then what he’s a landing page ripper a great scientist?, what are those Spy tool sellers? Saints of Marketing?.

Now even I get banned or my money gets wasted I dont care, I’m not gonna post anything on that dirty asshole forum anymore. I’m gonna do what I’ve to. After all there is nothing much than ‘help me’,’I made $50′ type of shitty posts there, and nothing much.