How to avoid ban from Facebook

Lot of people get banned on Facebook nowadays due to abnormal usage of advertising. Lets focus today on how to avoid ban from Facebook today.

Creating new accounts for advertising is an integral part of working with Facebook. Create an account that does not cause suspicion – it’s expensive, so you need to work in the other direction – to minimise the risks of locks.

It is worthwhile to understand that there are many methods of working with FB. These are just some of the developments that will reduce the risk of ban.

Use this checklist to work with Facebook to minimize your costs.

  • Use clean domains that are not associated with previously locked accounts.
  • Domains with bad reputation can lead to the blocking of the advertising account. You can check the domain’s reputation using the plug-in. If possible, use old domains that do not have a bad reputation, this will increase the trust rate of your account.
  • The older the account, the higher the trust. If you prepare accounts yourself, you should be active at least 2 weeks before the start of the ads: add to your friends (most users accept applications), communicate in messenger, add new entries, comment and put likes on other people’s records.
  • Female accounts are blocked less often.
  • It is desirable that the account was older than 1 year. Binding a phone, mail, connected two-stage authentication will greatly enhance the credibility of the account.
  • The account must be live. Photos, records, reposts – do at least a couple of actions a week. Reposts are better at making records 2-3 years ago, this increases the visibility of the old page.
  • The name on your credit card must match the name and surname of your account.
  • Links with a suspended account must be kept to a minimum. After the first few locks, you can not change “hardware” and IP, there should not be other connections with the blocked account.
  • It is highly undesirable to frequently change passwords, especially when changing IP. Facebook can perceive this as a fact of account theft and block.
  • The SIM card to which the account is attached must be working, because A few unsuccessful SMS-alerts automatically lead to account blocking. In a short period of time it is undesirable to conduct many actions, especially of the same type. This applies both to the personal page on the FB, and to the advertising account. For example, you do not need to create 20-30 ads at once on a new account.
  • The ad should not be intrusive. Obsessive ads receive a low evaluation of the relevance and complaints from users, which can immediately lead to account blocking. Do not use jargon, do not contact “you”, etc.

The following rules must also be observed in the announcement:
• Food supplements can not be advertised with the offer to buy / consume / lose weight, etc .; And targeting such off-limits should be limited to 18 years.
• The image and description must match the product and the site to which they lead. If in doubt, do not use it.
• Do not use “before” or “after”
• Do not promise the result in your advertisements. For example: “Lose 12 kg easily with this remedy.” Here it is better to give up any specifics.
• People in the ad should be dressed and look decent. Even for the slightest hint of eroticism FB can block

• Do not use any shocking images


1. Do not use any trademarks in the ad.
2. If you use video advertising, pay attention to the fact that there is no music of famous artists in the video, sometimes the Facebook  removes such ads. Do not sharply increase the advertising budget.  We increase the budget gradually. On the page that the Facebook checks, cloaking should not be used.  In order for your page not to be removed from the publication, you need to periodically publish something on it.

If all the items of the check-list are fulfilled, then your advertising account will be blocked someday, but you will significantly increase its trust rate, and minimise the risk of blocking.

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