Top 4 Tracking Solutions for Zero Dollar Affiliates.

In our earlier research on Mobile Campaign Tracking Solutions,  , I had discussed about the sophisticated tracking solutions which are only paid.Today let us deep dive into the Top 4 Tracking Solutions for Zero Dollar Affiliates.

Kindly note that my english may be half baked ,so kindly excuse. Well everyone will understand that shakespear will not be born again.

BeMob Tracker

A new cloud-based traffic tracking platform called BeMob has surfaced, that helps in effective management of advertising campaigns.

BeMob helps to manage your ad campaigns, identify the most profitable traffic sources, measure your landing pages’ performance and provide highly detailed real-time reports.
Salient features of BeMob tracker:

  1. Secure Cloud – Hosted Tracker
  2. Traffic Tracking and Distribution System
  3. Instant Redirects​ Custom Redirect Domains
  4. Real – Time Statistics and Data Reporting
  5. Mobile Tracking Traffic Targeting​
  6. Manual Bot Blacklisting​
  7. Professional Support Service​
  8. BeMob Sixth Sense!

This is an outstanding technology that simplifies targeting setting of your advertising campaigns.  Every day tracker is analyzing more than 2000 combinations of params and selecting the most effective by revenue, CTR and ROI. Knowing the most profitable combinations you can optimize and scale your ad campaigns.


Newbidder is the world’s leading mobile attribution & marketing analytics tracking platform, helping affiliates and agency around the world make better decisions.

  1. Function Funnel Heat Maps
  2. Multi-Variate Testing
  3. Bot & Custom Traffic Filtering
  4. Unlimited Tracking Domains (CNAMEs)
  5. Extensive Reporting
  6. Custom Tracking Fields Cloak
  7. Key Performance Indicators
  8. Proprietary Device Detection
  9. Unlimited Page & Offer Rotation
  10. Quickest Redirects
  11. Mobile App Advanced Traffic Cost Update
  12. Good UI and UX Optimization rule
  13. Get noticed from sudden change


Racaan is an Self Hosted Tracker available for free for the Zero Dollar AM geeks,which helps you to track both Web and Mobile campaigns. There is nothing much in details available at the site, but only Installation details.

One need to try to really test the mettle out of the tracker. It needs a VPS and doesn’t work on shared hosting.

Redtrack is a WEB & MOBILE TRACKING   solution for Mobile and Web tracking Analyse traffic efficiently with most useful statistics dashboard. Everything is right where you need it, easy to manage and analyse.

Manage your campaigns using the most uptime, accurate and deep analytics

Add as many traffic sources as you wish, managing them in the most efficient way ever

Add offers just in few clicks, make changes and set necessary parameters easily

Maximize your profit using smart targeting and receive better performance conducting A/B testing