Free Android Game Source Codes

Download Android Game Source Codes for free

Long time, I mean to say around 2-3 years back i was into mobile game development and had time to collect a lot of Android Game Source codes to learn the programming techniques involved.Although there are lot of Android Game Source codes free available for sale online, the free ones give good insight into a newbies  view of how game programming is done, by leaving lot of blank routines and incomplete game screens.

By studying the way the games have been programmed, one can learn and try to complete the game in order to make it a complete one.

Here I have added few of the games I collected , but please note first.

  1. I do not own these game source codes, so NO SUPPORT.
  2. I did not steal or pirate these games, as all were wither available on github or game tutorial sites.
  3. I do not sell or make money out of these games as I have not published any of these games.

Download These Free Android Game Source Codes for Free

BlockBreaker :
A Puzzle Type game where you break the block.

DuckGame : A one off shooter game
to shoot down the flying ducks.

Emptyyourmind : Not clear what it is.

Jewels : The infamous Bejewelled clone.

MasterMind : The Infamous pop rabbit clone.

Particly : A spin off of Angry birds.

Pet Hazard : Word typer game , kill sharks.

PixelTowers : Tower builder

PlantsVsBugs : A kids game for plants vs bugs.

Replicaisland : RPG game.

Spaceassault : Plane shooter game.

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<— Please comment whether the games are working, it helps me to provide good resources further in future.