Poor Mans CPA Tracking Script – TraqJack (Aka CPA TRACKER).

Well In my process of teaching few noobs How To Get Started in Mobile CPA for Under $100, I always point them to download a good CPA tracking script before  I gave them lot of tips and tricks to find zero cost tools and cheap sources that would serve the purpose that they need at the beginning before getting on to the big road.

Creating campaigns, tracking offers, landing pages, ISP, Country, region, state, city, visits, roi, epc, cpc, cpm, cpi, profit,loss,browser,platform,operating system blah blah blah , not everyone wants these type of stuff once at a time other than those affiliate marketers those are running campaigns on various adnetworks.

I even happened to translate a Russian Script ‘CPATRACKER’ just to help them out, and tought them how to use the script for tracking the mobile cpa offers, irrespective of the type of offer.

Whether the offer belongs to CPI,CPA,PIN Submits, AV, APK or even Sweepstakes, all type of offers can be tracked with this small script, I renamed it TraqJack (en).

Russians call these type of scripts as TDS (Traffic Distribution Script) – a system for distribution of traffic, to control, monitor and distribute traffic according to the set of rules. Most affiliate programs have a built in traffic distribution system. One example of such TDS system is YTZ Network. They take offers and expose a single link to affiliates that they promote and the url link in turn drives to offers based on various parameters to different countries and different offers.

As the first system I would recommend noobs to choose TraqJack . It is quite easy to learn and doesn’t need heavy server requirements.

Its very easy to add Offers with links , and it even has an excel upload feature to upload the List of offers.

Just create a List of offer and url and create an xls file with the list and upload all your offers at once.



The second feature is setting up the Campaign Rules. This is one of the most simple type of campaign setup feature available compared to any of the scripts available in the market.


Overall Once a rule is created and configured, we can direct traffic to it as follows: Just click on the chain link button to show the URL and use it in your ad network.

http: //domain.com/track/RULE

The tracking is not realtime as the tracking job runs in a scheduler as a cronjob in unix.But the UI is really smooth and fast to be handled by a shared hosting too.


I have just finished translating this script and really finding it fun to work with this script.

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  • Fabio

    Hey Codejacks,
    Great post.
    I’m starting to learn CPA Marketing(mobile), this script sounds like a good start. How do I get a copy?


    • codejacks

      Hey Fabio,

      Its a Free script available at cpatrack.ru, and I just happened to Modify this script for my teams use.
      If you really need this script, you can contact me with your quote, I can share with you the complete translated script package.

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  • What a great idea. Thanks for making things simple for me as a new marketer. Now if only I could figure out what all the mails I send to the Hotmail adresses on my list get marked as spam and don’t get delivered.

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