AFFcelerator Newbie FastTrack : A Short Review.

So What is  AFFcelerator Newbie FastTrack ?

AFFcelerator Newbie FastTrack is the Fast track course created by Charles NGO, to help newbie affiliates, to learn  how to start in affiliate marketing, may it be mobile,dating,health or whatever niche it may be. The course is a free bible for any or every affiliate marketer out there who wants to learn it from the horse’ mouth. (I mean to say directly from the Pro).

When you open the site url : , you will see a nice greetings from Charles mentioing what you are ought to get inside the site.


Charles has worked a lot with his editors team really well to bring this free course to all newbies out there, who ought to learn affiliate marketing yet or yet to start. Although I happened to get into his course at the time of his launch, I’m still thinking that I have a lot to learn from his experience that he has explained bit by bit in his course.

The course material is well organized and it really easy to traverse through each topic as he has categorized them under different categories.

Once you login you are greeted with the introduction video in which he personally explains the basics and a lot of other stuff.


Why Am I Writing this post about Affcelerator?

Its very KISS, ( I mean keeping It Simple and Stupid), that even I happened to guide few fellow startup’s in affiliate marketing and ad network setups, I find very less time in helping individuals who knock at the door of my blog contacting me for help. Its really disappointing to those people who come in search of help if they don’t get any help, and I really want to help, but don’t find enough time as I am held up with lot of activities.

So I advise the newbies to definitely have to visit AFFCelerator to learn the basics and may be even more.

Happy Affcelerating Friends.

PS: I’m neither paid ,nor helped by either charlsngo or anybody related to his blog whatsoever, and this is my personal blog and opinion.