4 Easy Steps to Create a Bullzeye Facebook Ad for your Mobile CPA Campaign.

It has become a trend nowadays that even if you make online $10, then you are a master of CPA. I hate such self declared masters when it comes to business.The wind of business has long been flowing towards middle class nations like ours, where even a 10th passout dreams of a Startup.

Ok less barking about unavoidables, lets focus on the matter at hand.

To create a effective Facebook ad, for any mobile campaign, (I mean to say legal ones, not blackhat,or cloaked ones) we must first find the  suitable audience that suits the needs. Its all the matter of supply and demand you know.But going straight you would end up straight into the hands of affiliate loopholes, and end up clicking the link of Facebook audience search, which is a NO-NO in my view.

Taking the note of supply and demand, the creative angles as preached by the masters also should be kept in mind.


1.Keywords to consider for India

Download MP3, Free Recharge coupon , PayTM Coupon, Flipkart Coupons, InoxMovies offers,Airtel 3g Hacks, Airtel 4G hacks…. and more

2. Now you need to find the audience. Then where to find them??

To find the proper audience, you need to go to the supersite http://buzzsumo.com/  and find the trending topics in each of the movies,songs, freebies, hacks groups.

Never go to groups like startups,affiliate marketing,business, but look for people who are in need of things.

3. Create a list of all the groups and interests based on the buzzsumo search.

Its clearly visible that how many people look for freebies,songs,movies,hacks in such groups and based on the group size, the audience size is also visible clearly.

4. Create ad for each of the audience type and each of the group interest type in facebook.

This is simply a process, which any noob can find tutorial to hit an ad on facebook.

Its as simple as that, there is no need to hit on Magazine covers,Google Keywords,or any other forums for your campaign ideas, you will lose your pocket, finding winning bids and combinations, and also spend hell in optimizing your campaigns.

I dont ask you to follow me or listen to me, but truth will prevail forever.