Affiliate Marketers spend 5 times more than super affiliates on Ads.

Yes, whatever the statement says is 200% right as per the current scenario in Mobile ads Industry.
A Super affiliate like attila or charlesngo may be spending in $10k,$20k or $50k in ads, but making 10 times more than that, but
on the contrary, the common affiliates who are starting new, or even those who run their ads normally spend 5 times more than the
standard amount that attila/charles spend.
Note: Please note that I have taken their name just as a reference as Super affiliates in Mobile, and I do not mean any disrespect or
harm or offense here.
Taking DOjO forums, there are already around 32584 members as part of the forums, and most of them are affiliates, either running
new or experienced.
Most of them may be atleast 4000, I expect to be in the Mobile Affiliate Marketing as of now.
This count is all important as to calculate how much the Mobile affiliates are losing in running their ads.
Coming to the Affiliate networks the affiliates are signed up with, most of the affiliate networks run direct offers, but the new
networks that are budding up nowadays are mostly into network brokering.
Hope all know network brokering, its the situation where one network promote offer from other network,deducting its profit factor.
So If Network A has offer ‘X’ with payout $4, and Network B will subscribe to this offer and allow affiliates to promote
the same offer with a payout $3, thus shaving their profit of $1.
Whenever the affiliate picks up such offers, if the Network B and Network A are running on different hosts, then the loadlag factor
kicks in.

1. User Clicks on the Offer banner on a Webpage ( offer from Network B).
2. The time taken for Network B to load the link original URL from database and call it is say 200ms.
3. Since the link is from Network A, which is run on different host(server), the time taken by Network B to respond is 300ms.
4. Then the link is either has to be filtered based on the user location, for which the Network B may take another 100ms.

Totally to load a single offer it will take more than a second for loading a offer lander with images and text rendered.
If the user location is one of the Tier2-3 ones, then the network delay will be in seconds instead of milliseconds.
User gets pissed off within this time and clicks back button of the browser waiting for the offer to load.

Adnetworks predominantly allocate junk or non premium traffic for self serve advertisers who run on their own, and allocate premium
for only those who run managed with them, for this reason.

Due to this ,although the quality of the leads is not affected to the offer vendors, the maximum loss will always be to the
affiliates who run them.

My advice to the affiliates always has been to run with premium affiliate networks who run their offers direct.

I dont think there is any need to say who runs brokered offers, and who runs direct, as taking the link and checking the link in,
will give you the complete picture of the flow of the link from offer to lander.