Landing Pages for your next campaign.

I have been running PINs and Sweeps for so long, that I had forgotten this blog at all literally.But still the blog is my plate where I pour my soul. Well There have been so many landers and so many campaigns I have been running along with my agency clients, and I rather would be picky when it comes to picking the landers and designing them specifically to meet the clients needs and quality ctr and leads.

Here are few Landing pages we ran in last few weeks that are really taking the PIN submit’s by storm altogether.


Although everyone of these landers have been giving us good amount of results, the one in the first and third are the favourite ones that really turned the tides when we put them online, and the white one has always be the winner and has never turned us down in any of our campaigns.

I definitely will not be so busy next few months as I’m handing over this campaigning stuff to my assistant and getting into some real serious business, and if anyone wants real good training, they can get in touch with me for  good insight