Dirty Secret of Affiliate Networks.

“Hey, are you searching for a good performing offer, then pick ‘Cleaner Master Android CPI’, it has an an EPC of 3%””
“Starting from today the CPI rate of Dragons RPG will be raised to $1.8, don’t miss this offer, run your campaigns.”
“The Burst campaign of the month is live now, dont miss it, start pushing your traffic today”

Are these the types of messages you are getting from your Affiliate Managers?, sure nobody can deny that, and nowadays every Tom Duck and Harry starting a affiliate network, and every roadside romeo’s who made their first $100 bucks announcing affiliate marketing mastermind clubs, its become a joke.

I’ve been running Mobile campaigns since 3-4 years, in whatever vertical you say, Installs,Games,APK’s,PIN Submits, sweepstakes whatever, but always relied upon my own judgement to pick upon the offer rather than depending on the Affiliate Manager.

Even in discussion forums, groups or masterminds, the noobs always ask for which offer to pick up, and suddenly a new expert takes birth and says ‘Ask your Affiliate Manager’. What a Bullshit, you expect a guy working on a salary on the same thing will be able to help you run a campaign and pick an offer. It it was the case he himself would have taken up that offer and without letting it go saturated, pumped up all gathered up sum to make hay.

I’m not insulting anybody here, but these are my excuses, as the truth behind this is different which I’m gonna let you know now.

There are three people involved in this business, (a) Game/App company, lets say Sourcers (b) Affiliate Network, lets say Dealer and the third (c) Ad network , lets call them Runners.

What these Sourcers do is they signup a IO with the Dealers that you should pump these many installs of our game for atleast 20 or 30 days, and that IO – I mean INSERTION ORDER is not a small amount, and its in the amount of minimum $20k per day. Note it not $100 or $500, its in thousands per day.

Next comes the link between affiliate marketing company’s I mean Dealers and Runners. E.g AppAdsXYZ network contacts the Business Manager from Runner and signs up a IO to drive installs of the game/app daily with a daily budget of $10000 for atleast 30 days.

These budgets are not prepaid, but always gets only paid after the execution of the order, or in installments once in like a week or two.

Where do the publishers or the tiny affiliate marketers come into picture??

Well once the campaign is started by the Runners, after 2-3 days, it shows the capability of whether its a workable offer or a difficult offer, and by that time, the budget gets reallocated to other new offers in pipeline from different sourcers, and to balance the budget Affiliate Managers start pushing the marketers to run these campaigns for them.

If you think that your Affiliate Manager is giving you a golden nugget, its not always true.