Income Update of My Book Published

I published the book ‘ Cocos2d-JS Mobile Game Development on Steroids: Learn How to Develop a Multiplatform Game in 2 days’  way back in 2014-October and its already been more than a year now. It was my first experiment with writing a technical asset and was really a wonderful experience.

I happened to come across a chinese site called and learnt to use a wonderful tool translating from chinese. It was really fun to use it in the first and then it struck to my mind why not publish a book and make hundreds of others to know how to use this tool and make games easier with drag and drop functionality.

Then it started, I wrote the ebook for nearly a week with all screenshots and published the ebook on one saturday after a tiresome work week.

I didn’t do much of marketing for the ebook though as I was a member of cocos2d-forums,, just published a link there. Also few forums I posted about my book, and it all started then.

I then published the book on Amazon, CreateSpace and Smashwords and till last week let it be available on internet.

Here are the income from various sources on the sale of my book since last october.



Createspace has sold more ebooks than the other two, although I assumed in the early stages that createspace will be of less use. Smashwords was a culprit here as they took 30% of my income as American Tax everytime they made the payment, and Amazon was the worst to say that pays you in pennies keeping 70% of your earnings to themselves.

For the Update, I have unpublished the book as of now due to the upgrade of the tool and framework. The book will be updated with the new Cocos2d-js 3.2 framework and published as a new title.