ReIgniting the Light of Mobile Guild

As and when the time changes, and we learn new things , we always try to improve the methods in which we earn, and try to put more time on those strategies and on those methods and on those channels to multiply the earning capacity.

With the time, I too have been running multiple ideas, few implemented and few lapsed in dark. Although I first started with affiliate marketing, I failed in multiple streams.

I First started with stock market trading, futures and options was my favourite, but the interests faded once I made enough losses, and moved to forex trading to cover those losses, and tragically it multiplied my losses.

Affiliate marketing was one of the hype then in 2008 which pulled me in, but my interest was never static to focus on one thing at a time. I have been doing so many things like blogging, site building, wordpress plugin development, magento plugin development, 3d animation, mobile game development,ebook marketing, clickbank marketing,incentive brokering, ad network setup, blah blah blah .

There were some great success and there were a lot of failures too, but I never stood back regretting what I did, or how much I lost , just always stepped forward with hope and high spirit .

Why I’m writing this today here, that too has a big meaning. I have been involved in Mobile CPA, and Mobile app marketing since I published my mobile games early in 2014. Due to some hindrances I could not work on mobile games and then I had stepped into Mobile CPA, which was lucrative in the early days.

What’s the catch? the good news is all the resources I’ve been using and I have used earlier will be out in public domain for your free usage, without any restrictions.

Most of the resources such as

  1. Mobile landing pages.
  2. Offer creatives.
  3. Strategies and Plans
  4. Arbitrage oppurtunities
  5. Rebrokering methods.

And much more items will be listed for public use. Will announces once the complete package is prepared, keep watching the blog for further updates. There may be a small fee applicable on the package, but don’t worry it would be nothing compared to the value of the items on share.