Feels good to be back in action

Well I feel very apologetic to my blog readers that I have not been active for so long due to lot of things. I was involved in setting up and promoting few local startups for which i have been a mentor and just finished my contract with them on a high NOTE ( I think everyone can understand that NOTE).

Although Mobile has been my primary area of marketing expertise, I wanted to prove my wit in different area for myself for a good NOTE value. And for my luck I was successful in that and now I’m relieved to be back in action and again in mobile.

I happened to get a good promotion in my work too and now I moved to UK for an year on a deputation. Being a developer at core really is a wonderful thing and it gives you immense pleasure when sitting in front of your lappy coding those if else while stuff.

Anyhow I apologize for all readers and hope they welcome me back with the same kind heart.

  • Yassine

    i sent u few questions but unfortunatly u didnot answer me

    • Hi Yassine I’m really sorry that my wordpress akismet plugin has been puttting all comments into spam category, hence I was not able to find your comments.

      • Yassine

        don’t use akismet , use captcha based comment plugin it is better
        anyway can you give me your skype ?

        • Hi Yassine, thanks I will check that plugin.
          Well but there are people who use captcha hackers, and spamming manually blogs with lot of back links to their websites.
          That would definitely break my blog, and it would be hell to cleanup them.