Mobile Campaign : Landing pages vs Direct linking

Well well well, the most confusing part of running a campaign is under discussion, now.I urge all audience to observe pin drop silence while I address this issue to my satisfaction.

Whenever we take up an offer in general, it may be any type of offer, we think what should I do??

1. Should I create a Landing page for this offer?

2. Should I create a custom banner?

3. Should I just  use direct link ?.

We have seen most of the PRO’s and GURU’s advice to use landing pages for a safer and worthy campaign. But will that apply everywhere?? In Mobiles too?? This is a big question that revolves on the head everytime we create a new campaign.

As I have mentioned in one of the previous posts, there are many type of mobile offers.

1. App Install Offer

2. Web CPA Email Submit Offer (Mobile Optimized).

3. Sweepstake Offer (e.g IPhone offer).

4. Mobile WAP Pin Submit Offer

5. Mobile 1-Click Offer. (MSISDN).


Each of the above offer types have its own type of marketing required. I will elaborate on each type below.

1. App Install Offer.

App Install offers may be of 4 types,
(A) Utilities Apps (Google Play Version) – I call this GPUtils.

For GP-Utilities, normally the range of CPI payout will be in the range $0.2-$1.x, and these were the gross money making offers for most of the marketers.

Normally these offers are provided with banners mostly form the network. But running these type of offers on banners is suicide. Because banner ads need to be run on CPC and most of the noob bannerads networks charge anywhere around $0.05+.

So In order to get +ve ROI, the ad must have 100% CTR and 1 out of 20 clicks should convert, given the offer payout is $1.0

Since lowest possible cpc is not possible with normal adnetworks, I advise Landing Pages for GPUtils.

Why? Because with Zeropark/DNTX/DSP etc, when we buy large volume traffic, the cpc comes down to $0.001 and even below that.

(B) Utilities Apps (APK Version) – I call this APKUtils.

The same applies to APKUtils also, but these wont come with banners ready from networks though.

(C) Games (GP Version ) ( we dont get Games APK versions though).

This is the only time I advise for direct linking with banners and interstitials.(Note this word maga);

Taking example of lot of mobile games,ads position, advertising formats, one must have played Subway surfer.

Interstitials form a major part of adverts on large number of games, so its more important that we run Interstitial ads to games we are promoting.

The  networks I suggest for this type of ads are startapp, gomobi,avazu etc that support banner ads and Interstitials.