How to Pick Advertising Networks for your next campaign

Most of the cases when we are running campaigns, and providing info to the community on the case, with exhaustive case studies, how much ever the case study may be worth, the people keep on asking about traffic sources.

As evident from most of the posts, people really do get shunned by the first answer the follow along campaign runners tell them when they are asked about the traffic source.
Its perfectly right for them, that the traffic source they may be using is highly worth for them, but its too childish to ask them about that. I will give my reasons, as I too was the same childish dude once.

1. Adnetworks having premium traffic have limited publishers.
2. If the same network is used by 100 advertisers, lot of traffic gets distributed.
3. Also if there are 500 best performing banner ads and 300 worst looking ads (from few noobs), the traffic quality automatically gets kicked in the a***.Even the best performing ads will go down.

So my advice is to find your ad network yourself. Then HOW?? here is it.

1. Make sure you have $250+ in your pocket for experimenting.
2. Go to Advertisers start here | Ad Network Directory and start looking for good networks that advertise on cpc/cpm for mobile.
3. Check on google /digitalpoints/wickedforums/affiliatefix/warriorforums for any scam alerts on that network.
4. Contact the advertiser phone number on the network and ask whether they support mobile,what’s the cpc, where the most traffic comes from etc etc.
5. Then sign up and start advertising for a single campaign.
6. If you dont succeed after 3X payout of the offer (as usual), skip the network/ask for refund, and try another one.


Most important thing before signing up for these networks is to check when did they update their offerings,blogs,content etc.

E.g A adnetwork keeps on updating blog either with some info articles or offerings often to keep the site live. If its not alive then the network is as good as dead. Dont get into scam networks such as XAPADS.

I’m still awaiting my refund after 2 months of follow up for a failed campaign from them.They are one bigger utter failure and scam networks out there.