How to select Mobile AppInstall Offers to Promote??

Welcome to the Guild and First thing I want to tell you is don’t consider this a tutorial or don’t consider me Guru or something. If you want a guru then head to the Boss blogs like Charles or Attila’s who are the Master Blasters of AM.

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To promote any App/Game Install offers its necessary to select the proper offer so that it wont die off so easily or its not so saturated that even after 1000 clicks you dont even get a single conversion.

For any network, promoting App Install Offers (Applift/Glispa/Clickdealer etc), the Affiliate Manager will let you know the EPC and volume to the offers.

But every such offer with known EPC and volume are not affordable by all the affiliates.

Simple reasons are :-

1. The network is itself running the offer @MedaBuy Agencies, and the EPC is the result of such runs, not the result of affiliate campaigns.

2. The network invests $10k  – $30k per day for Media Buys and has no capping on the offers, unlike the one mentioned in the offer page.

3.  Even if the affiliate runs the offer, it would not give the same EPC and Volume results due to the low traffic coming from remnant traffic buys with cheap PPC.

So first thing a affiliate must consider is select the best app/game offer to run.


1. Go to the network and List all Top Paid Apps/Games .

2.  Select Android apps or games with payout >$2.1

3. Go to the Google Play Store URL and check the count of the downloads at present the APP/Game has.

4. If it has anywhere Greater than 10000-50000 and above, STOP and go back.

5. Select a App/Game if and Only  if the download count is Less than 10000

6. Now Go to and go the country level category ranking and find how the app/game category is performing in that country.

7. Search in Android App/Game Review Sites for any reviews (There should be no or very less link for this game/app).


My Apologies that I was planning to setup a video demo of selection of the offer but due to the technical issue with my PC I’m blogging this earlier.