Codejacks Mobile CPA Marketing Guild

Although I have been into this affiliate marketing for as long as 4 years,  I had never considered myself experienced, due to the reason that there are better people out there who do this as a fulltime business, where as I  do as a hobby apart from my day job.

So  What is this GUILD ?

I felt very much embarrassed when I was surfing through the AffiliateFix forums that most of the people who get into this are bare foot soldiers, who doesn’t even know where to start. I thought anyway I’m not going to lose anything by just making them understand what I know or what I have learnt in these years to these people. So created this guild where I share my knowledge.

What does it cost ??

I will not go much into pricing details, but with the help of our team at Elloinc, where we like minded people run thought process to run mobile campaigns, we came to a conclusion that it should be prived 2 levels, most probably going to be merged into one later though. We have 2 levels priced at $49 and $99.

Who can get into this Guild ?

Anybody who has some computer knowledge, filling up web forms (for idea about creating campaigns) etc can.

Do I really make money after I get into this??

Please Note:  I do not guarantee that whether you make money or not with this as this is not a walk along guide or case study, but the steps and ideas you need to evolve to create campaigns, how to create campaigns, few landing pages , offer ideas to pick etc. It will take ones own brain when one starts promoting the offer, since the ad, money and campaign are under his control.

We can provide you references to ad networks to run your campaigns but not handhold you for success.

Shall we start then??

Please wait for few more days until the content is ready.