Conversion Statistics for an Iphone Campaign

I have been running a ad campaign for  ElloInc  and the payout is usually high for that offer as I bargained a lot with the offer payouts when discussing the payments.So It is a must and should that my campaign should perform well with the ads and should have atleast a CTR of 10% for each ad created as per my app-campaign strategy.

I have been observing the campaign day and night to achieve the campaign and found that the IOS versions are playing an Important role in the campaign.

Most of my ad clickers are from the latest OS versions of IOS.


I first tried to classify the results based on the Model conversions, and found that the IPhone and IPad are performing equally well

Apple iPhone   3,388 – Conversions : 9
Apple iPad       2,525  – Conversions : 7
So  I again drilled down the results based on the OS Versions and found that the latest IOS versions are making a huge impact on my campaigns.
So it was time for optimizing my campaign over, and I straight ahead enabled min OS version to 8. Now I have to see how well it performs.