Optimizing Mobile CPA Offers within Avazu DSP

I setup the 6 Sexy offers just yesterday with Avazu and now I have enough data to optimize the traffic for bigger conversions, thats what everyone thinks, but its not the case. First and foremost thing when you setup campaign is to setup your tracker perfectly, else all your efforts go in vain and you will be in dark. It applies not only for mobile but also web and desktop cpa offers. In my history I had never tried setting up tracker when I was doing web/desktop offers, and I never succeeded, and eventually always whenever I earned some money I turned towards Forex trading to make my money back.

But now after learning how to setup the Tracker, I have setup on Voluum all the offers I am promoting on Avazu. One difficult thing with DSP’s is all traffic has to be purchased on CPM  (Cost per 1000 Views). So we have to bid both cautiously not to lose all the money, and competitively to get large amount of traffic.

Avazu provides features as mentioned  below.

1. Algorithmic Learning for bidding and optimization at Account Level.

What I mean here, is the system will learn based on your bidding and traffic to  optimize by itself without need to manually monitor the bids.


2.  Easy modification of dynamic parameters on the fly in the reports.


In the above you can notice that there are two checkboxes against each line, Include and Exclude,  which can be checked to include the performing ones and exclude the non performing ones effectively in the report, without need to export to excel or manually entering the values in the targeting options of the offer.


3. Bid Optimization setup.

Last but not least, the option to optimize your campaign bids is set within the campaign itself which you can set while setting up your campaign or even while you optimize your offer later.


With all these options available it would be a noobs heaven to optimize the campaign.