Mobile CPA Campaign Case Study Live with 6 Sexy Offers

Well as the title says, I planned to do a Open Campaign so that all the hungry sharks out there get their prey when they do search on google. By all means necessary anybody can take the offer, or similar offer that I’m promoting and run it on their own adnetwork.

Usually I am fedup with the people on all those forums,blogs proudly bragging about their earnings, looking down on newcomers, hiding their traffic sources, and those who make nasty comments, and I really hate those who just dont give out much details to the crowd, bluffing that it would increase the competiton. In my view, as I have already seen through all the acts of affiliate networks, I’m least worried as the amount of traffic I’m driving is minuscle compared to what the affiliate networks run with the help of ad-agencies.

I’m not so fond of Demand Side Platforms as such and I had never succeeded even with one conversions with them, but this time I’m going to break my barriers.

I recently deposited $500 with Avazu Mobile DSP, as there was an offer from STM forums for members. I have already burned around $150 out of it and wanted to burn it high so that it renders some output atleast.

So coming to the campaign, here are the details I will be sharing.

I have picked 6 Offers from my favourite network.

[tabs][tab title=”Campaigns”]
OfferId Title Payout Size Country
10668 Lottoland (iPhone, Free, PL, 7MB, w/capping) 2.45 7MB PL
10204 Lottoland (iPhone, Free, DE, 7MB, w/capping) 2.45 7MB DE
11065 Lottoland Lotto (Android, Free, PL, 5.8MB, w/capping) 2.1 5.8MB PL
1872 William Hill – Casino Integrated (iOS, Free, UK, 11MB, w/ capping) 3.5 11MB UK
7110 Immortalis – Sammelkartenspiel RPG (iOS, Free, DE, 7.4MB, w/capping) 4.5 7.4MB DE
9736 Magic Gems (iPhone, Free, CA, 38 MB, w/capping) 2.59 38MB CA
[/tab][/tabs] 1. Only Pick Small Size Apps/GamesAs one cane see I have picked only with below features.

2. Pick Only Apps that have payout of atleast $2+

Ok, now coming back to tracking, I use Voluum for my campaigns, and here is the just shot of the tracking setup I have on my account.






Then coming to my account campaign setup in Avazhu DSP.


Note : I have setup all my campaigns with below settings.


1. All Banners are 300×50 or 320×50

2. All placements selected.

3. Platform selected according to the Campaign.

4. Country Selected as per the campaign.

5. CPM Campaign with max $100 and Daily Limit $25

6. CPM Bid rate set to $1

7  Disabled InnerActive and InMobi traffic.


With the above settings I setup my campaigns just few minutes back, and at the time of writing this post here is the screenshot of my campaign.



And till now there has not been a single conversion in the dashboard, which I will check later and update in my second post that continues this.

Comment to this post are most welcome, that would keep my spirits high to post more.