Free Android Game Source Codes

Source Code For the Game in My Book

To All the people who purchased the ebook on Amazon or smashwords or createspace or anywhere, have been asking me the source code of the game. When I had published the book, my game was not completely built and also the issue of not finding a method to share the source code to my book readers was bugging me.

So I had not put any link in the book or even on my blog. Its already more than a quarter that I published my ebook and I’m happy to see that still there are people who download my book by purchasing. I’m grateful to them for this service to my hard work. Hence I thought that I will publish the source code of my book freely now as a thanking gesture to the community.

So I’m adding the source free to github and publishing it to the community.

I have shared the complete source code at github.

One can head to  to download the source code.

Its free yes its completely free, no need to subscribe,signup,like or tweet.