Mobile CPA : Traffic Source Guide V1

For a million years, if you go to Affiliate forums where people brag freely about themselves and show off $5 – $50 gain loss screenshots, you will never get the details what runs where.All that they will sweetly advice you is to keep running your campaigns, keep spending money and to learn yourselves. I recently left one of the forums, as I couldn’t get what I expected, with respect. But one thing that still bothers me is those noobs out there who are struggling to earn a single dollar  who cannot pay hundreds per month for VPS, hundreds together per month for campaign running, and hundreds to maintain their subscription to analytics,tracking, and all those junkets of scripts and services.

There have been hundreds of ad networks that have come and vanished in darkness in all these years. Adsense comes to my mind when I started blogging, thinking of ad networks and making money.

Now its the time of Mobile and mobile ad networks.Now most of the people so called forumers use different type of ad networks. Not all the networks support all type of ads. Here are few of them.

1. Mobile Web Ads. – This is  traffic which is purely web based, I mean people open their browsers in mobile and start surfing internet, and one of the sites they visit will serve the ad you defined in the network

2. Mobile Search Ads. –   This is another type of same traffic as above but the ads displayed are purely in the search results, as search results or a sponsor ad.

3. Mobile APP Display Ads –  This is the type of banner ads that are displayed within a app or a game, the app/game being downloaded from one of the app store IOS or Google Play,

4.  Mobile PUSH Ads –  This is a unique type of ads that are displayed as message popups in a mobile.

5. Mobile SMS Ads –  This type of ads, are unique form where a SMS contains the link to the advertiser URL or advertiser links, that are sent to users.

6. Mobile Incent Ads –  For  this type of ads where points/virtual currencies or even cash can be given to the user if he downloads or performs the required action for the given ad.

7. Mobile Call Ads –  This is a bumper ad type that has higher payout in the industry, but cheap clicks, the user has to click and call the displayed number the ad displays. (This can also be listed under Search Ads).

This has been few of the Traffic types I have learnt about in my tenure as Mobile AM. Please  note that I’m not an expert , but a learner guide, who likes to share whatever I learn on my way to my success.

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