Mobile Marketing and Networks to Avoid

I have been into Mobile marketing for a while and have seen different networks behave differently with different type of offers. One thing that every new comer faults is in choosing the correct network to load and run the offers.

The first thing everyone does is,

1. Go to the Offer Network (I mean CPA network like YeahMobile,FurtherMobile, blah blah ) and Pick an offer X that they say s performing well.

2. Go to the adnetwork Y, load their bucket with $25,$50 or even $100  or whatever.

3. Create a Campaign with the network provided banners, or use the one modified by themselves creating a fake landing page.

4. Trigger START. Voila happy to be a Mobile Marketing expert in an hour.

And the 5th hour comes such that all that was done, all amount that was uploaded went into the adnetwork drain,

Watching their amount drain like hell in the adnetwork, 100 clicks, 1000 clicks, or even 10k clicks down, with no conversion, not even a dime.

Then posting in the forums, saying  this network sucks, or even this offer is not performing, or even blaming the so called masters who guide them often.

One thing I would want to say is “Avoid Jumping First”

With my  experience, there is a limit what the adnetworks can run and which offers performs well on the adnetworks.

Each adnetwork belongs to certain region of the world, and have started their business with a exact methodology in place.

E.g Leadbolt -: This was a Android App ad network as I saw earlier, and works better with android apps and game installs.

In the same way the other networks too.

There are Pro’s who regularly provide insights to the marketing and take you along with their campaigns often in the well known forum AffiliateFix.

I recently joined this forum, and have lot to learn from them.

Ok, coming back to the title of this post, I was supposed to give the actual information of which networks to avoid .


1. Games and App Installs – 

Normally when you are doing app and game installs, its better to think in the Mobile Developer perspective rather than a marketer. So thinking  in the same lines,

For IOS and Android Apps :  Use ad networks that provide SDK for developers to display Interstitials, and Offerwalls. e.g Leadbolt,airpush,etc.

And in my opinion one should never use the URL redirection,parking,text ads,or even landing page ad networks with these type of campaigns.


2. Sweepstakes,Email Submits, Purchases, external downloads or subscriptions.

Normally when you are running subscription or signup based offers, never use the ad networks that ask for app id, but always use the ones that are listed negative in the above case.

If you want to learn more , better thing is to join AffiliateFix Dojo.
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