Tracking a Mobile CPA Campaign Using Voluum

Tracking a Mobile CPA Campaign would have been a headache long back when there were trackers like Prosper202 since the suuport for mobile was less. But since the time Voluum has come to the market, its become easier.

VOLUUM  is the new tracking tool which is making lot of noise in the affiliate marketing industry. The sophistication of tracking one has to learn from VOLUUM. May be I’m exaggerating too much.

Well coming to the fact that CPA campaigns or any sort of campaigns need tracking and analytics for analysing the traffic and scaling the campaign to drive more revenue, VOLUUM helps AM’s a lot.

In my case I’m affiliated with Peerfly, KMA and few others. KMA provides lot of Mobile offers with very high payment per offer completion.

If anyone want to signup with KMA, welcome to signup under me and I would definitely help them scale their one campaign.

Using Voluum, you can do A/B split testing with same url, also run variate offer URL’s and  override Postback URL’s, and configure lot of variables for drilldown tracking.

I run my KISSMYADS Mobile campaigns on LEADBOLT and track them on VOLUUM.

Setup a KissMyAds Offer on Voluum

Add affiliate network first.

Well First you need to add the affiiate network for voluum, so go ahead and click on the AffiliateNetworks button on the top menu, and click New Affiliate Network and add the details as below.



NOTE : Do not forget to click pass click id as it is required in LeadBolt and KMA for tracking.


Next task is to Add Traffic Source :


Click on Traffic Sources in the Main menu available in the dashboard as shown below



Now add the details as shown below, I used one of the postback URL’s of my campaign, but you can add the specific campaign postback URL’s also, but this I added to make sure there is one template available whenever I add a campaign, so that I dont forget to add a postback URL.



LAST – > Add Offer.

Without an offer to run, there is no tracking at all. So Go to Offers (Click on Offers in Main tab bar), and add a new offer as shown below.




Last is to  Adding a Campaign. 


So the tab bar Campaign,   and click on New Campaign, and add the details as below, you can note that Its so easy to create a campaign since you already have created the Affiliate Network, Traffic Source, and Offer details already. Its just select drop down and save.

Only thing you can add new is by overriding the Postback URL, you can add new postback, and the Name extension.



I recently started using Voluum and really astonished to see the flexibility it provides.