Your app (5 IOS Games Portfolio ) has just officially sold for $500!

Just recieved mail from Apptopia, on the sale of all my games.

Uploading the asstes now.

Here’s the mail.

Get excited.

The buyer has committed to buying your app, and signed our Purchase and Sale Agreement. However, we have not received payment yet. This usually takes 2 to 3 days, as we are working with bank wires. As soon as we have the full payment in escrow we will contact you and immediately begin the transfer process.

You can follow the transfer process here: Transaction Center

In order to not slow down the process we need you to upload a .Zip File of your code / app assets as soon as possible.

Things You Will Need to Include:

  • Art assets (psd, etc) used to create app images
  • All app project files (java sources and resources (xml, images, sounds)
  • Any tools related to the app such as level editors
  • *For Android* Keystore that contains key used for signing the app for distribution in the market.
  • Password for the keystore and password for the key.
  • Anything else that could possibly be necessary for the buyer to successfully run this app

Please note that not including important files could be seen as a breach of contract.

Upload Link:

– Apptopia Team