Codejacks touches 100th Post : A Giveaway in Plan

I wonder how long I have been into blogging, and this being my 100th Post, I wanted to give away something to the community.

I remember when I started with, it was purely with the intention of making money type of blog, which never took off, but I blogged a lot on that site, most of them were my wordpress plugin development logs and some datafeed plugins I developed.

I had even set up a site called, which was one time a competitor for datafeedr, with 3 plugins Sharepress, ShopperJammie, and MagePress.

Although I only released one of the plugins, I shared the other two to the community before closing down that site.

Next came some autoblogging sites,movie review sites, forex sites, clickbank sites, which never raised their head above the heights of my backyard. I mean they were a simply waste investment by me.

Then again I closed down everything and started with,, all went into oblivion. Then for over an year I was under hibernate mode, working day and night for the company, trying to learn something new technically for my day job.

It was an eye opener, that I got to see some post from Trey Smith somewhere, I think it was on WickedForums, I wanted to develop mobile games.

I released my first Mobile game developed in XNA for WIndows Phone 7 , called VEERANJI, then 2 more games followed, Hearty and Birdee , both were Match 3 clones. They are still running on Windows Phone market.

Also I released VEERANJI HD on WIndows 8 Market, it was not a great success though.

Then I started with android, which was a great failure, and in Sep-2012 I released my first IOS game AlphaSlots 777, then Fly2America, and again went to hiding.

It was just a month back when I really realized the importance of being live and active in mobile platform, and released my two new games, Greedy Mouse and Pizza Factory.

I would like to do a giveaway , but dont know what to give away.


Solve my confusion by answering here.


Source code for one of my games, chose the one you want

a.  AlphaSLots777

b.  Fly 2 America

c. Greedy Mouse

d. Pizza Factory