[IOS] [Game] Pizza Factory – Dont step on my Pizza

Well it had been more than 8 months since I released a game on Itunes, and it took a great amount of time for me since I was held up with my regular job. Also I was thinking of improving the downloads on my android games, which never worked out due to myself not liking my android games so much. SO again I shifted back my focus on to the IOS market to release a new game and happened to find a new one to play, that is trending high on app market.

The current PianoTiles game which is the renamed version of Don’t Step on White Tiles, is really a simple and challenging game to play and my new game Pizza Factory – Dont step on my Pizza really takes one step further. The player has gone to visit a Pizza Maker factory and accidentally he has jumped on to the Pizza Maker belt, where hundreds of Pizza’s are coming from the Pizza Machine.
The player has to jump from one black tile to another by avoiding the Pizza Plates as soon as possible to cross the Machine belt. Just uploaded the game and awaiting the release of the game after approval.